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The founding

I’ve always been interested in other countries, cultures and languages. I have a passion for travel and love meeting people in their home countries.
In 2010, I founded the Translateworld translation organisation to turn my hobby into a business. I was born in Hungary and also grew up there. It still makes me happy when someone talks to me in my mother tongue or I can read texts on company websites, online shops etc. in my native language. I think everyone feels the same.
There is greater trust in the conversation partner if they make the effort to address their customers or business partners in their native language.

The vision

Creating an awareness of the fact that translations are important.
Helping people and companies to gain an advantage through translations in a globally networked world and enabling them to successfully sell their products and services internationally.

The team

Our global network consists solely of qualified translators who translate into their native language and are specialists in their areas. The team has now grown to several hundred translators, who are spread out across different continents around the world. We make use of the digital and technical possibilities available in order to deliver the highest quality translations.
We are connected with our translators by the trust that comes from successfully working together over many years.
We work together with several translators for all languages and specialist areas, which means that we can also handle larger, more extensive projects at the same time.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Ildiko ZOKA